Welcome Earthside Baby A. | Indianapolis Birth Photographer

KC was due Friday, September 21st, but she and I both had a feeling it would be earlier. We stayed in touch, bags were packed, and we were waiting until little A decided to make her grand entrance. After a few false alarms, on Tuesday, September 18th, it was time.

KC was admitted into the hospital, and I was waiting for an update at home. For births, I arrive once the mama is 6cm or contractions are 4 minutes apart. KC sent me a message that she was 5 cm and -1 station, so I knew it was close. Even though she technically wasn’t 6 cm and didn’t have consistent contractions, I felt it was time to head her way!

I made the drive and arrived right as she was transitioning. Within 45 minutes, she went from 5cm to 8cm! She decided to get the epidural, so I snapped a few laboring photos, then was asked to stand in the hall so that the room could remain sterile. I heard her yell “my water just broke!”. I was allowed back in, and it was game time!

Nurses and the Drs gathered around and got prepared for the delivery. I stationed myself behind KC and Tony. Tony was an AMAZING birthing partner- so caring and confident in his wife! KC pushed for around 10 minutes, and sweet little A made a gentle, beautiful arrival into this world. She was born just after midnight, on September 19th! The smile on her mothers face- I’ll never forget it.

The way the sun meets their skin for the very first time. The way that warmth rushes through them and brings them to life. The way each wet and sticky curl tells the story of movement in mother’s womb. The way the blood of beginning cradles each perfectly created part of their little bodies. Their sweet smelling skin exuding the delicate remnants of creation. Pouted lips looking for a breast they’ve dreamt of while 18 moons came and went. When I look at a newborn I see a journey of the most epic kind - where they’ve come from, where they are going and what they will be. Stops me in my tracks every single time.
— Angela Gallo